Counselling Services 
Cold Lake and District FCSS offers free counselling services to those without access to a benefit plan. These services are available through a grant from Imperial. Cold Lake and District FCSS graciously thanks Imperial for this funding. To book an appointment, please call Cold Lake and District FCSS at 780-594-4495. 
Sponsored by Imperial Oil

City of Cold Lake Special Transportation 
The City of Cold Lake provides special transportation services to seniors (over 65) and those with mobility challenges.  For more information about this door-to-door, shared-ride service, please call Cold Lake and District FCSS.

City of Cold Lake Meals On Wheels 
Meals on Wheels is a delicious home cooked meal-delivery program where volunteers distribute pre-ordered meals to clients. Full-course, daily, hot meals can be eaten as is or frozen for later. They are simple to reheat, being especially convenient during weekends and statutory holiday times when there is no service. For more information, to volunteer or to benefit from the Meals on Wheels program, please call Cold Lake and District FCSS.

Lending Libraries 
“Resources for Playful and Creative Learning”
Play is important for the development of all children. Cold Lake and District FCSS offers all our visitors the affordability of borrowing toys, videos or books, free of charge from our beautiful resource library.

Beyond the Hurt / Safety Planning Presentation
Beyond the Hurt is a program in which students from Grades 2 to 12 are able to take a different approach to learning about bullying. With activities and resources focused on cyberbullying and safety planning, these presentations give students a different perspective on bullying and healthy relationships. Call Cold Lake and District FCSS to book the presentation.

Hands are Not for Hitting / Words are Not for Hurting Presentation 
HANFH / WANFH is an interactive bullying presentation filled with activities catered to pre-kindergarten to children in Grade 2.   Reading the books with fun activities will guide students to understanding bullying at their level.  Call Cold Lake and District FCSS to book the presentation.

Safe Zone Training​​​​​​​
Safe Zone Training allows persons ages 13 and over to explore the 2SLGTBQIA+ community. Safe Zone training allows for members of the community to know that you are a safe zone for them to access. Safe Zone training is a two-hour course, which will provide you basic tools to create a safe environment, certify and identify yourself or your classroom as a “Safe Zone.”

How to Be an Ally – 2SLGBTQIA+ 
The 2SLGBTQIA+ community is full of love, acceptance, and learning. Being an ally is about supporting those around you and taking time to educate about differences. Book a “How to be an Ally” presentation filled with interactive resources. 

Shoot to Score Presentation
Shoot to score is a bullying presentation catered to athletes, recreational activity groups and sports teams. These presentations will allow for growth in team building, understanding each other’s skills, performance anxiety, and healthy competition. 

Emergency Social Services Presentation
To find out how individuals, organizations, clubs, and businesses can best support provincial and municipal emergency and disaster efforts, contact Cold Lake and District FCSS to book our free, engaging, and interactive Emergency Social Services presentations. We will bring the presentations to your next staff, office, or club meeting.   

Cold Lake Interagency Committee
The Cold Lake Interagency Committee is a group of various service agencies and community members that gather to share information on programs and services and to discuss trends or issues that affect the quality of life of our citizens. The group meets five times per year and rotates leadership between interested volunteer co-chairs on a two-year term.  Cold Lake and District FCSS, on behalf of Cold Lake Interagency, maintains an email listing of agency and community members. Current programming emails are sent out to the committee when received. If you would like to be added to the distribution list or have appropriate information to send to the committee on upcoming local programs, please send an email to

Services for Volunteer Organizations 
Cold Lake and District FCSS Volunteer Services are available to support volunteer organizations to become stronger and remain dynamic. FCSS staff can provide your organization with resources to implement best practices for volunteer involvement including writing volunteer role descriptions, recruiting and training, screening and evaluating volunteers, and creating a culture of volunteer engagement.  

Youth Volunteer Opportunities 
Do you need volunteer hours for school credit or scholarship applications? Cold Lake and District FCSS Volunteer Services can match youth age 12 and older with volunteer opportunities that best meet their needs and interests. Youth volunteer applications may be picked up at our office or on the City of Cold Lake website.

Adult Volunteer Opportunities 
Make valuable contributions to our community, meet new people and have the opportunity for new experiences through volunteering. Adult volunteer applications are available at our office or on the City of Cold Lake website.

Emergency Social Services Volunteers
When an emergency or disaster happens, our community rises to the challenge. However, only trained and registered volunteers are able to work alongside Emergency Social Services (ESS) staff. Cold Lake and District FCSS recruits local volunteers who are then trained by Alberta Emergency Management Agency to respond to local emergencies and disasters.  

Snow Angels Program 
A Snow Angel is someone who voluntarily removes snow and ice from a neighbouring residence. Residents in need of snow removal have a “Snow Angel” sign in their yards. This program relies on the goodwill of neighbourhood volunteers. Placement of a Snow Angel sign does not guarantee snow removal. Residents who have received help from a Snow Angel are encouraged to nominate that person for a certificate of recognition and a small token of appreciation. Call Cold Lake and District FCSS to become an Angel, nominate an Angel, or get a sign for your yard, 780-594-4495.

Volunteer Connector Cold Lake
Your online source for volunteer opportunities is Volunteer Connector Cold Lake!
Volunteer organizations can post their volunteer opportunities at no cost. Volunteers can view the latest community volunteer roles available. For more information, please contact Cold Lake and District FCSS.

Tax Clinics  
Cold Lake and District FCSS and its volunteers are committed to ensuring that eligible clients have access to free income tax assistance in a safe manner. Clients are welcome to contact FCSS to book a telephone income tax appointment.  Be prepared by having with you: identification, social insurance number, income tax slips, receipts for expense claims, dependents’ birthdates, and your previous year assessment if you have “carry forward” amounts for RRSPs. To book an appointment, please call 780-594-4495.

Neighbourhood Block Party Program 
Cold Lake and District FCSS is looking to build community connectedness one block at a time. Having a Neighbourhood Block Party is an opportunity for people to meet and get to know each other. Individuals can apply for funding up to $100 per year to host community-building activities in their neighbourhood. The benefits of block parties, beyond having fun, are many. They increase the sense of belonging to a community and encourage neighbours to look after each other. Neighbourhood Block Parties promote safety and help to prevent crime and increase security. To book a Neighbourhood Block Party, please call Cold Lake and District FCSS.

November is Financial Literacy Month 
Cold Lake and District FCSS is pleased to celebrate Financial Literacy month of November with the theme, “the real cost of borrowing.” Look for FCSS financial literacy month information in the community and local media outlets. Cold Lake and District FCSS staff are available to make a 20-minute, in-person presentation on the topic of “the real cost of borrowing” at your school, workplace, or club at no cost.

The Great Cold Lake Turkey Race 2021  
Between November 4 and December 10, our Great Cold Lake Turkey Race mascot, Ruffles, is raising funds for the Cold Lake Christmas Hamper Project for 2021. Ruffles is aiming to repeat his triumphant race from 2020 and to collect enough donations to purchase 400 turkeys for Christmas Hampers to donate to local families in need. Your business, school, family, team or organization can help Ruffles by making a donation. Ruffles is available to visit donor’s office or workplace to have a photo taken for promotional purposes. Ruffles, the turkey, is a real “ham” when it comes to having photos taken. Donation forms can be found at, or contact Cold Lake and District FCSS.

Popcorn Machine Rentals
Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh popped popcorn?  A commercial style popcorn machine is available to lend for public events or Neighborhood Block Parties. Popcorn for the machine is available to purchase from Cold Lake and District FCSS.  We supply the machine and the popcorn bags.  You only pay for the cost of the popcorn that you use. The popcorn machine is for seasonal use and not available during winter months.
Large Games and Activity Items
Do you have a not-for-profit public event or celebration? Contact Cold Lake and District FCSS to find out which large games and activities are available to borrow at no cost. Some of the items offered for loan include chuck-a-duck, photo props, large Jenga, mega Connect 4, giant lawn checkers, and snakes and ladders. The activities are for seasonal use and are not available during winter months. To borrow a large game or activity, please contact Cold Lake and District FCSS at or 780-594-4495.
Lawn Busters
The Lawn Busters Program is an informal volunteering initiative that aims to connect residents needing minor yard maintenance assistance, due to medical or mobility issues, and neighbourhood volunteers. Lawn Buster volunteers help residents with lawn mowing, grass and garden watering or raking leaves. Volunteers do not clean up animal waste, large pieces of debris (wood, scrap metal), clean eaves or move heavy objects. This program is volunteer-driven and does not run during winter. Registration for the program does not guarantee volunteer help. To register and for more information, please contact Cold Lake and District FCSS.
Lawn Busters Volunteer Recruitment
Are you looking for a way to connect safely and support your neighbours? Cold Lake and District FCSS is recruiting volunteers for the Lawn Busters Program. We aim to match residents with neighbourhood volunteers. Volunteering with the Lawn Busters Program is a great way to assist those who need extra help with minor lawn maintenance due to medical or mobility issues. To participate, please contact FCSS and register as a volunteer. The Lawn Busters program does not run during winter.